Ever wondered if there's any easier way to make textures?
This is where we do exactly the same thing.


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The demo version adds watermarks to output and doesn't have the full feature set. But you'll be able to see what's missing once you try it.


This is an image editing application that is capable of quickly processing large images. Its main priority is to maximize flexibility, after that comes ease of use. Be aware though that some knowledge of image processing is required to use this app to its full potential.


Additional info

Unique features
  • Spritesheet animation - render animations to a packed texture.
  • Particle rendering - render a texture many times with different parameters (size, color, position, ...).
  • Vector field blur - merge many distorted textures together to produce a motion blur-like effect!
  • Angular distortion - use the distortion texture to change radius/angle/center of the sampling coordinate.
  • Non-separable blur - use any kind (not necessarily symmetric) of blurring kernel to blur the image.
  • Full HDR image processing - support for 32-bit floating point precisity and both positive and negative values!

Unique combinations
  • Focus blur - modify gamma, apply non-separable blur, restore gamma.
  • Non-destructive high-pass filter - subtract a blurred image from the original in HDR mode and add a color that describes the original image best.
  • Resynthesizer - use the particle renderer to combine different parts of the texture in tile mode to get a seamless texture.
  • Vector field art - combine all kinds of textures with the Vector Field Blur node to create artistic results easily.

...unique results

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