It's a 2D platform shooter with its own unique (although inspired from Chinese cinema) style where you can do what is needed to complete your objectives.

In this version the official campaign consists of 1 mission which is 2 levels long. There are also some other mission packs like Parkour challenges (5 levels), Fight challenges (1 level), Advanced tutorials (1 level).

The game also features improved graphics over the previous version, including features like dynamic lightmaps, bump mapping and improved particle system rendering that really change the atmosphere.

Technical info

Software used
Engine: custom, based on Gunplay v0.1 source code.
Apps: MS Visual C++ Express 2005, GIMP, FL Studio 7
Libraries: DirectX9 (Direct3D9, DirectInput8, DirectSound), D3DX9, zLib, Ogg/Vorbis libraries, Box2D.

Game code, graphics and music - Arvīds Kokins (snake5)
Textures: /

Indago 2009 - 3rd

Technical features/achievements

  • Highly optimized rendering
  • Lightmapped level mesh rendering (with dynamic lights)
  • Ragdoll physics
  • 3D sound effects
  • Overdraw reduction (CSG polygon subtract)

Misc. info
Aspect ratio: 4:3, fixed (resolutions with different aspect ratio will produce ugly scaling)
3D sound: Requires a DirectSound3D-compatible setup to be played. No fallbacks are implemented, operating systems without DS3D (Windows Vista, 7, ...) might not play any of the 3D sounds (shots, steps and other effects).
Compatibility: game requires a Shader Model 2.0-compatible graphics card to run

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