The Untitled Adventure Game

Published on Sunday, 18 March 2012 13:02
Written by snake5

I had started a small project this month but I fear that I might not be able to deliver it on time (in this month). It's a climbing adventure game where one must deform the terrain to get to some other place.

It is a somewhat interesting project mostly because of the technical side. First of all, it handles interactions of 1000 particles without problems on an old (from ~2005) CPU, using only one thread. It also uses an entity system which is more or less something I'll probably use in all of my next projects. It's so simple that if I'd write a post about it, it would probably take a few minutes to explain in writing. And I don't type (or think) fast.

Far as I can tell, there's going to be some simplifications in design. Just because I don't like drawing animated characters. The amount of work required instantly puts me off. And I have tried many times... same goes with everything in art, much less so in programming. Which is why I now tend to stick to what I know and like. Forcing myself to go through a great deal of trouble isn't worth it for personal projects that don't seem promising enough to bring money, at least not with the drawing skills I have.

Unfortunately, there's no time to work on it this week and there was none in the previous one too as I had to rebuild the website again. I might find some time for myself in the next one...


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