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Download Texture Designer v1.6.1 - Added 30.08.2011

-Fixed the file saving bug
-Added Vector Field Blur node

Download Texture Designer v1.6 - Added 20.08.2011

-Added particle nodes (2 position generation, 1 rendering node)
-Added sprite sheet rendering node
-Animation curves
-New interface
-Can save more image formats now (added TGA, DXT5 DDS, Progressive Q90 JPG)
-Improved Color Curves
-Fixed some bugs, made some new ones..

Download Texture Designer v1.1 - Added 07.07.2011

-Added Min/Max nodes
-Added Gradient node
-Added 3D Preview node
-Improved file saving
-Added command line parameter support
-Implemented command processing server
-Added custom node toolkit
-Improved interface

Download Texture Designer v1.03 - Added 30.06.2011

-Added "Mix" node
-Added "Perspective correction" node

Download Texture Designer v1.02 - Added 29.06.2011

-Added the "Color curves" node

Download Texture Designer v1.01 - Added 26.06.2011

-Fixed Clamp crash
-Updated texture rendering
-Other minor bugfixes

Download Texture Designer v1.0 - Added 24.06.2011

The initial release.


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